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Church Subsidiaries

What are our church  subsidiaries?

These are organizations run by our church that extend beyond a typical ministry.  They have their own organizational structure and have a broader range of support.

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LCA School

Church Ministries

What are our church ministries?

At the Apison Seventh-Day Adventist church, we want to give everyone a chance to have their needs met, and a chance to be involved in meeting the needs of others.  Our many ministries meet both of those directives.  Read through the ministries listed below.  If you would like to participate in any of those ministries, please contact the coordinator listed.

Personal Ministry

COORDINATOR – Virginia Holley

MISSION: Personal Ministries seeks to inspire, motivate, equip, train and mobilize all members of the church for dynamic active Christian service by ‘Going’ as the gospel commission says to our Apison community and the world in which God places us.

OBJECTIVE: “The Gospel Commission of Jesus makes evangelism, proclaiming the good news of the gospel, the primary function of the church (Matt. 28:18-20)

Bible Study


MISSION: To seek, find, search for those who have an interest in or desire to know God and Jesus Christ through the study of the scriptures.

Church Interest


MISSION: To provide training, mentoring and discipling to those who want to learn how to give Bible studies and to connect them with those who have shown an interest in and a willingness to study the scriptures.

Kids in Discipleship

COORDINATOR – Noelle Holland & Tina Segerra

MISSION: Teaching parents how to mentor kids to be disciples of Jesus.   

Family Life Ministry

COORDINATOR – Anji and Shawn Brailsford

MISSION: The Department of Family Ministries seeks to strengthen, inspire hope and bring healing to marriages and families through a relationship with Jesus Christ

Mens Ministry

COORDINATOR – Shawn Brailsford

MISSION: Men's Ministries helps men grow in their spiritual and personal development. Men's groups are encouraged to hold events in their local congregations to reach out to the men in their churches and communities.

Health Ministry

COORDINATOR – Dr Tom Donnelly

MISSION: We minister to promote total health, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and social, among all those with whom we come in contact, reflecting Jesus for the purpose of bringing people to Him.

Women's Ministry


MISSION: To model Jesus Christ to all women through meaningful relationships and significant ministries.

Literature Ministry

COORDINATOR – Darlene Rogers

MISSION: To be a support of all outreach activities of our church and to nurture the church family in their endeavors of soul winning through literature evangelism.