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We Believe. . .

Our Mission

is to be a family of believers that 
Know Jesus, Love People, & Treasure Truth 

Our Core Values 

Our relationship with Jesus is the heart of Christianity. 
We submit to Jesus, praying that His character will be 
reflected in our lives. 
Because Jesus has supplied our needs, we work to supply the 
needs of our community and the world. 
God's saving love motivates us to reach out and share the 
Good News with everyone. 
By God’s grace, we will be a safe, loving family that looks out 
for each other. 
We daily search the Scriptures seeking to understand truth, 
to live it and encourage others to do the same.

Fundemental Beliefs

. . .God the Creator values freedom, and allows us, His intelligent creatures, to choose whether or not to give Him their love and faithfulness.

. . .this truth is revealed through all the books of the Bible, and we desire to allow the grace of God to shape our lives after His values, especially as revealed in the life of Jesus Christ.

. . .in respect for God's law of love and liberty, and recognizing our helplessness apart from Christ, we gratefully accept the gift of His salvation. The heart of that law calls for us to remember God's special day, the Sabbath, a God-given memorial of creation and redemption. In it we find a time to pause, and to gather together to worship Him.

. . .Humanity's lethal experiment with sin has brought with it degeneration and death, but we are grateful that death's sting has been softened by our loving God, who permits those who die to sleep, awaiting the resurrection. God will re-create the earth, and no trace of sin or pain will be found.

. . .even now Jesus ministers from heaven the benefits of salvation purchased with His own blood. This continual ministry of love will be fulfilled when Jesus comes to take His children home. In the meantime we desire to meet the needs of others, not only spiritually but physically, mentally, and emotionally as well.